"The Old Jewelery Shop"
Structure: Brick Building From Early 1900'S
What The Exmployees Are Experiencing: Strange Smells And Knocks From Unknown Source, Being Touched And The Feeling THat They Are Being Watched.
Our Personal Experiences: One Of Our Investigators Was Surrounded By A Pocket Of Cold Air That We Couldn't Find An Explanation For.  All Of Our Group Did Smell Things Such As Baking And An Odd Chemical Smell. 
Evidence We Captured: We Did Record Several EVP's,  Some Inteligent.  There Was Also A Strange Photo That We Couldn't Figure Out.  Overnight, An Extremely Loud Bang Was Captured On Our Digital Audio.
Summary:  We Were Able To Discover Through Record Books That A Fire Killed 5-7 People In The Building Back In The 1920's  The Location Was Difficult To Investigate As It Was Right On A Streetfront.  The Audio Files Lead Us To Believe That There Is Paranormal Activity Going On Inside the Building And A Follow Up Investigation May Help Us Determine What Or Who It Is.

Orange, VA

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Sample EVP's From The Old Jewelery Shop Investigation Below:
Old Jewelery Shop "Loud Bang Overnight"
Old Jewelery Shop "See"
Old Jewelery |Shop "Whistle
Old Jewelery Shop "No"