Structure: Old Farmhouse And Former Sanitorium Dating Back To Early 1800's
What The Employees Have Been Experiencing: Shadows, Doors Shuting On Own, Cold Spots And The Feeling Of Being Watched.
Evidence We Captured: Numerous Unexplainable Sounds And Voices On Audio, Flashing Lights On Film And Responses To Questions Using The KII Meter.
Our Personal Experiences: Cold Spots & Chills For No Reasons, Shadows, Unknown Voices, Dead Batteries And Balance Problems In Certain Areas.
Summary: We Captured More EVP's And Unknown Sounds At This Location Than In Any Other Investigation.  It Is Super Active With Numerous Spirits Still Residing There.  The KII  Session We Did Lasted Over 20 Minutes. Upon Initial Review Of The Evidence, We Can Conclude That This Location Is Haunted.
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Sample Evp's From  The Old Farm  House Investigation:
Old Farm House "I'm  Too Hot"
Old Farm House "You Get Out Of The Way"
Old Farm House "Don't Attack Me"
Old Farm House "Here We Are"
Old Farm House "Yank Em Up"
Old Farm House "We Got Paid Here"

Albemarle County, Virginia