Evp's Or Electronic Voice Phenomenon Is The Theory That Voices Of Spirits Can Be Recorded On Audio Equipment That You Don't Hear Until You Play Back The Recording.  We Have Been On Many Investigations That Were Quiet In Nature, Only To Find Several Strange Voices Or Unexplaned Noises Captured On Our Recorders Upon Playback.  Sometimes They Are Intelligent And Respond Directly To Your Questions Or Point Of Reference, While Others Are Taps Or Knocking.  We Have Included A Sample Of Each We Have Captured At Locations  Below And More Can Be Found In The Various Investigations We have Conducted Linked On The Menu Bar.

The EVP Below Was Recorded At the Exchange Hotel In The Spring Of 2008 And You Can Hear A Female Voice Responding To A Question We Asked.
The EVP Below Was Also Recorded  At The Exchange Hotel.  The Recorder Was In A Empty Room Overnight And You Can Hear What Sounds Like A Dragging Across The Floor.

A Voice Sufaces Out Of Nowwhere Saying "Wild Wisher"
When Approaching A Haunted Building, A Voice Can Be Heard Saying "They Are Coming!"
When Talking At At Table An Investigator Says "That's Weird"  Right After, An Unknown Spirit Voice Says "Were All Weird!"
A EVP Captured Saying "Watch Him" As Investigators Walk Around A Room.
As An Investigator Asks For Any Spirits To Follow Him Around, An EVP Is Captured Saying "Here We Are!"
Investigator Searching For Spirits Captures Defensive EVP Saying "Don't Attack Me!"
Recording Captures 2 Voices When Rolling A Ball Across A Room.  The First Voice Says "Fast" As If To Ask To Roll The Ball Faster And The Second Voice Says" You Get Out Of The Way" As Though Another Spirit Is In Front Of Them!