Paranormal Definitions

Afterlife: Term Used Interchangeably To Mean Life After Death.

Anomaly: Something That Is Out Of Place Or Unexplained.

Apparition: This Refers To Any Ghost That Seems To Have Material Substance.

Banshee: A Female Spirit.

Clearing: Ridding An Area Of Lingering Unpleasant Energy.

Demons: Refers To An Evil Spirit Sometimes More Powerful Than Man.

Doppelganger: An Apparition Or Double Of A Living Person.

Ectoplasm: Physical Residue Or Psychic Energy Best Viewed At Night.

EMF: Electro Maganetic Field. (As Spirits Draw Energy).

Entity: Any Being, Including People And Ghosts.

EVP: (Electronic Voice Phenomena):  Recordings Of Unexplained Noises Or Voices.

Ghoul: Refers To An Evil Spirit That Robs Graves.

Haunted: Desribes Setting That Produces Significant Paranormal Activity.

Hitchiker: A Spirit Or Entity That Follows You Home From An Investigation (Rare)

Intelligent: Haunting: A Haunting Where The Spirit Interacts With You Directly.

Medium: Someone Who Can Communicate Bewteen Our World And The Other Side.

Orb: A Round, Whitish Or Pastel-Colored Translucent Area In Photos.

Residual Haunting: A Ghost That Repeats It's Haunt Over And Over.

Spirit: A Latin Term Which Means "That Which Breaths".

Telekinesis: A Greek Word Meaning Motion Activated From A Distance.

Vortex: This Is The Rotation Of Cosmic Energy Around A Central Point Or Axis.