"The Cottage"
Structure: Private Residence Dating Back To Early 1920's.  Possible Former Slave Land.
What The Residence's Are Experiencing: Seeing Shadows, Knocking Sounds, Bright Round Lights, Items Moved & Voices From Unknown Source.
Evidence We Captured:  Several Voices Recorded On Audio, A Few Pictures With Anomolies & Streaking Light On Video.
Our Personal Experiences: Door Locked On Its Own, Fan & Light In Bathroom Cut On By Itself, The Sound Of Rocks Being Thrown And Objects Thrown Off Of Bookshelf.
Summary: We Will be Doing A Follow Up Investigation And Also  More Research On The Location Of The Home.  There Could Be Some Significant Historical Facts Tied To This Property.  After Our Initial Review, There Does Seem To Be A Lot Of Paranormal Activity Going On Here.

Albemarle County, Virginia
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Sample Evp's From The Cottage Investigation
Cottage Investigation "We're All Weird"
Cottage Investigation "Polly Come Get Dinner"
Cottage Investigation "Sneezing"
Cottage Investigation "Get Up!"