We Use A Sophisticated Thermal Flir Camcorder During Our Investigations.  This Device Captures Heat Signatures Marking Both High And Low Temeratures  Within The Cameras Field Of View.  It Is Designed To Pick Up Sources Of Heat.  Below Are A Couple Sample Recordings That Captured Unexplainable Events!
*** Please Note There Is NO Audio For The Thermal Videos***

The Following Video Was Taken At A Private Residence.   Right Before The Events That Are Seen Below, We Were In Another Part Of The Home.  As We were Making Our Way Back, I Noticed That My Camera Had Been Turned Upright  Even Though It Was Laying Flat When We First Arrived.  Please Note The Bright Red Image.  It Is At Least 15 Degrees hotter Then The Rest Of The Room.  Also,  Look At The Fireplace.  It Is An Inactive Fireplace That Hasn't Been Used In Years, But Look At How Hot It Is!  It Is Glowing Red Hot And When I touched It,, It Felt Cold.   The Camera Was Checked And Working Properly The Entire Time!  This Simply Does Not Make Sense!

The Video Below Was Taken AT The Exchange Hotel & Civil War Hospital On The 3rd Floor In A Back Upstairs Room.  Please Pay Close Attention.   There  Is A Door In The Background That Is Slightly Ajar.  One Of The Investigators Shuts The Door Securely and Made Sure It Was Tight. Seconds Afer He Walks Away , The Door Flys Open On Its Own.  We Thought It Wasn't Shut, But We Tried It Again And It Does Shut Securely.  We even Left It Open To See How Far It Would Swing Open And It Only Opend An Inch Or so.  Strangely Enough,This Is The Same Room That SVPS Captured A Bright Light Appearing In The Room Out Of Nowhere On An Investigation Just A Couple Months Before!  Then The Camera Shuts On And Off On Its Own, Which With This Camera Simply Does Not Happen.